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Why Senior Living Homes are the Best Place for Senior Citizens Many people believe that senior living homes are hostile environments not fit for helpless seniors, but this general idea has been propagated irresponsibly in TV shows and movies that don’t do justice to the real benefits of senior living homes. In fact, many senior citizens prefer spending their years in senior living homes for a number of different reasons. Many of the stressors they experience in their own homes are eliminated in senior living homes because senior living homes are optimized for the elderly. Find out why senior citizens prefer senior living homes with these top benefits. 1. Maximize Safety and Minimize Potential for Accidents – How many times has your own grandmother fallen because of a loose rug, a slippery tile, or a bump in the path? Exactly. Elderly citizens are more likely to become involved in accidents because their ability to detect dangers in the environment can be significantly impaired. That’s why many of the accidents they are involved in can seem nearly impossible. Plus, because their bodies are old and fragile, the injuries they sustain become more painful and complicated. Optimized for safety, senior living homes make it possible for the elderly to live safely away from accidents and potential injuries.
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2. More Opportunities for Recreation and Socialization – Any senior citizen living outside of senior care facilities will admit that it’s hard to engage in recreation and socialization. A lot of the opportunities available to them aren’t always suited for their level of functioning. Commonly, phone calls are the only method they have to reach family and friends.
How I Became An Expert on Resources
Recreational activities made available to them can be too much for them to handle, so they end up giving up chances for recreation. But in a senior living home, they can engage in socialization and recreation that’s tailored just for them, so they never miss out on the chance. 3. Improved Quality of Life with Immediate Medical Attention – It’s not uncommon for a senior citizen to forget medications and doctor’s appointments. What’s more, in cases of health emergencies, they might not have someone in their immediate environment to rush them for emergency medical care. Because most of those who work at senior living homes are medically trained nurses and health care professionals, you can be sure that seniors are always given the medical attention that they need to stay healthy and free from harm. So at any hour, a senior citizen can be sure that there will always be someone to help them should they need medical attention.

Hard Erection Herbs – The Bests For Hard Erections and Increased Sexual Desire


If you are suffering from a weak erection or you have impotence, the herbs enclosed will help you get an erection safely and naturally and at the same time. The herbs we will look at, will also boost your sex drive and improve your overall level of health at the same time. Let’s look at the herbs in more detail and see how they work.

The key to a hard erection is to boost blood flow to the pelvic region and also boost nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is the substance which regulates blood flow into the penis and it’s needed for any erection to occur. Nitric oxide is so important to the erection process because, when it’s produced in the blood vessels of the penis, it allows them to widen so they can carry a greater volume of blood into the penis and make it hard.

For a man to enjoy peak sexual health, testosterone levels need to be high and if they are, a man will have a high sex drive and improved sexual stamina. The mind also plays a role in the erection process and to enjoy sex, your mind needs to be free of stress and anxiety. The herbs below, as a combination will not only improve sexual health, they will also improve general wellness levels at the same time.


Cnidium helps to improve blood flow to the extremities of the body and also helps to enhance nitric oxide levels at the same time, not a well known herb but one of the best hard erection herbs you can take.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed is a known nitric oxide and testosterone enhancer and also works to improve mood by reducing stress and anxiety which will leave you relaxed and ready to focus on and enjoy sex.


Tribulus is the best testosterone enhancer of all and is known to boost sex drive, sexual stamina and contains nutrients for improved pleasure from orgasm.


Ginseng works to boost testosterone and nitric oxide levels and also works as an all round blood circulation herb. The herb also keeps sperm healthy and acts as a mid tonic improving mood and mental alertness by boosting the flow of oxygen to the brain.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is seen as the best herb to keep blood flowing to the penis during sexual arousal and also, works to keep the blood vessels free of furring and other obstructions which can impede blood flow.

Penile Rehabilitation – Improving Male Health After Prostate Surgery


What is Penile Rehabilitation?

Penile rehabilitation is a therapy designed to enhance male health and encourage natural erectile and sexual functions. It’s particularly useful for aging men and those who have had a prostatectomy or some other urological surgeries that affect on male virility – making it difficult or impossible to achieve a natural erection or remain sexually active.

The penile tissue designed for erections can become atrophied like other parts of the body that do not get regular use. For a man, this means softer erections and smaller overall size that are harder to maintain. With penile rehabilitation, various exercises and treatments are available to keep the blood flowing to all of the parts of the penis, increasing blood circulation and sensitivity for good male health even later in life.

A healthy man in his prime will usually have 4-7 erections per day, in varying degrees of size, length of time, and firmness. These regular erections keep the penile tissues strong and working properly.

What kinds of penile rehabilitation treatments are available?

Drug Treatments – While not useful in the first 6 to 12 months after radical prostatectomy, drugs like sildenafil can help increase erections. However, this being the case, getting started with penile rehabilitation earlier using other methods is preferred as it not only helps achieve faster results, it improves the effectiveness of such drugs. There are more considerations with drugs, for instance, the side effects and the previous health conditions of a patient. For instance, users with diabetes, high blood pressure medicine, taking nitrates should not be using sildenafil. Some of the other options are safer and can be used for results in the first 6-12 months of penile rehabilitation.

Intraurethral Alprostadil (MUSE) – Roughly 30 – 40% of all men have sexual benefit from MUSE, another drug treatment option where a small pellet is placed inside about an inch or so into the male urethra, inducing an erection that lasts roughly an hour for most men. Most doctors have seen good results from Alprostadil, with few side effects. Many men prefer alprostadil over injections, which can be intimidating or even frightening for some.

Inracavernous Injections – Injections are one of the most surefire ways to achieve an erection, boasting a success rate over 3 in 4 men, far superior in results to other kinds of therapy. However, it is not as practical or ideal to inject directly into your genitals; this process takes great care in a clinic, and even those who actually do seek results at home must be instructed how to do so safely.

Vacuum Therapy Device – A medical grade vacuum pump designed for Erectile Dysfunction is a simple tool requiring no drugs, injections, or intrauretheral absorption. For most men, it’s the safest form while a relatively high success rate in achieving erections firm enough for intercourse and can be the most economical long-term. With vacuum therapy, a cylinder is placed over the penis and negative vacuum pressure is “pumped”, pulling blood into the genitals. This increased blood flow causes a natural erection. With a vacuum therapy device, penile rehabilitation is a simple operation done multiple times a day to keep the male unit healthy:

  1. The goal of the vacuum pump is therapy, not necessarily sex (although it is used for both.) Since with rehabilitation the goal is to achieve multiple erections, a tension ring is not necessary for treatment.
  2. The vacuum cylinder is placed around the male unit with the use of a water-based lubricant to help seal the edges.
  3. The device is pumped (or its vacuum is turned on), which pulls the air out of the cylinder and creates the pressure that draws the blood in. An erection is usually achieved over the course of a couple minutes.
  4. Keep the pressure on the erection; at least for 30 seconds to give the circulation time to open up.
  5. Release the pressure and the erection will decrease in size. Wait until the penis is soft again.
  6. Steps 3 – 5 over a period of 5 to 10 minutes.

With any case of erectile dysfunction, it’s best to consult a physician rather than self-diagnosing or seeking your own treatment options. Evidence is appearing more frequently with links of erectile dysfunction is a symptom for life-threatening heart disease, urological or neurological disorders. Always seek the help of a doctor before taking any kind of medications or supplements.

Get Stiffer Erections and Increase Sex Drive Naturally!


If you want to get stiffer erections and enjoy an increased sex drive you can, with the enclosed herbs in this article. The herbal cures we will look at work to not only Improve your sexual health but also your overall levels of wellness at the same time.

The herbs below, can all be found in the best herbal sex pills for men and when you take them, you will be getting the nutrients you need to increase levels of testosterone and nitric oxide in the body which are both needed for peak sexual health.

Nitric oxide is the natural substance which helps any man to get an erection and the reason you need it is because when its realized, it helps to relax the blood vessels which supply the penis with blood, so more a greater volume can enter the penile tissue and make it hard. Low levels of this substance are one of the main causes of impotence and a man being unable to hold an erection. The good news is you can increase levels by taking the herbs – Horny, Goat Weed, Ginseng and Cnidium.

While nitric oxide is needed for stiffer erections, testosterone is needed to for sex drive and sexual stamina. It helps energize the body and when this occurs, a stronger libido and better sexual staying power are the result. Herbs have been taken for centuries to boost testosterone and some of the best are – Tonkgat Ali, Tribulus and Ginseng and Horny Goat Weed which we have already mentioned.

The herbs above as a combination not only give you stiffer erections which last longer they also – improve mood, by reducing stress levels and strengthen the immune system for better all round wellness. Sexual health is a reflection of your general health and by boosting overall wellness, your sexual health is improved at the same time.

Get ALL the Above Herbs in the Best Herbal Sex Pills

You will find all the herbs for stiffer erections and increased sex drive in the best men’s natural sex pills and they offer you a natural and safe way to achieve better all round sexual and general health.

Take Care Of Your Health To Get Hard Erections


Most people do not know this and that is most erectile dysfunction sufferers can cure their condition to get harder erections just by simply looking after their health. This is because this impotency problem is caused by either psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, over excitement, depression, fears and so on and/or physical conditions such as poor blood circulation, high blood pressure, diabetes and various cardio vascular problems.

In other words, erectile dysfunction is caused by either poor mental or physical health or both. That will mean that most of you do not need to rely the blue pill or erectile dysfunction drugs to treat your condition, but simply just improve your lifestyle and look after your general well being to get rock hard erections again and at the same time improve your health in general.

To begin with, start a regular exercise program. Regular exercise is known to help lower high blood pressure which is a known cause of impotency. More than that, it improves your cardiovascular health and if your condition is caused by that, then it will improve.

Regular exercise also improve your blood circulation and by doing that, it will send more blood down under to power your erections. The more blood that is sent to your penis, the harder your erection will be.

You also release “happy hormones” such as serotonin and endorphin. These hormones help to relief stress and if stress is the issue that causes your penis to be limp, then higher levels of these hormones may help.

Furthermore, when your exercise is intensive enough, your body will also produce more “sex hormone” called testosterone and anti-aging hormones that are known as human growth hormones. All these hormones are known to make your penis harder when stimulated.

If you are a smoker, quit smoking. By doing so, not only will you improve your health, you will also avoid many known dangerous diseases that smoking can give you. Smoking constricts your blood vessels and thus disrupts your blood circulation. If your blood vessels are constricted, there will not be enough blood to gorge your penis for a stronger erection.

What about alcohol? If you are just a social drinker or light drinker, then it may not pose a problem. But if you are a heavy drinker, do consider quitting drinking. Heavy drinking can cause liver damage, bring about certain types of cancers and other dangerous medical conditions.

Many studies on the link between erectile dysfunction and alcohol have concluded that alcohol abuse in men can cause impaired testosterone production and shrinkage of the testicles. This can cause impotency, infertility in men and reduce male secondary characteristics like reduced facial hair, causing male breast enlargement (gynecomastia) and a shift in fat deposits from the abdominal area to the hip location. In other words, your estrogen level goes up and you are taking up the features of a woman. Women can’t have erections, can they?

So if you want to cure your erectile dysfunction problem naturally and have harder erections, then start taking care of your health in general like embarking on a regular exercise program, quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol to improve your sex life.

Herbal Sex Pills for Men – Bigger Erections and Increased Sex Drive and Stamina Naturally!


If you want bigger erections which last for longer and you want to enjoy better and longer lasting sexual performance you can, with the best herbal sex pills for men. Herbal sex pills will not only improve your sexual health, they will also help you achieve better overall levels of wellness – let’s take at a look at the herbs they contain and how they work in greater detail.

To get an erection all men need nitric oxide because the penis cannot become erect if levels are low. Men also need high levels of testosterone for sex drive and stamina and on a mental level, the mind must be free of stress anxiety and worry so your are relaxed enough to focus on sex.

Nitric Oxide – The Key to Bigger and Harder Erections

Nitric oxide is needed for peak sexual health and hard erections because it controls the amount of blood which can enter the penis. When levels of nitric oxide are high, the blood vessel walls of the penis relax and expand which allows more blood to enter the penis, making it stiff and hard.

To boost levels you can take the Chinese herbs – Horny Goat Weed, Cnidium and Ginseng. These herbs naturally stimulate production of nitric oxide and raise levels quickly, allowing you stay harder for longer.

Boost Testosterone – Energize Your Body and Boost Sexual Desire

Testosterone is needed for energy and when your body’s energy levels increase, you also benefit from increased libido and can last longer in bed. The two best herbs to enhance levels of testosterone are Tongkat Ali and Tribulus. These herbs also work to help you enjoy more pleasurable orgasms and also, make the immune system more efficient which leads to better all round health and wellness.

Mind Tonics – Reduce Stress and Focus on Sex.

Stress is a major problem when it comes to sex and if you are stressed or anxious, erection problems can result and sex drive plunges. Three herbs to help you feel better in the mind are – Catuaba Bark, Ashwagandha Extract and Ginkgo Biloba and in addition, all three herbs work to improve energy levels and overall circulation in the body.

You will find all the above herbs and many others in the best herbal sex pills for men and if you take them, better sexual health and overall levels of wellness can be yours.

How Herbal Erection Pills Can Give You Powerful Erections Without Nasty Side Effects


It is a known fact that Erectile Dysfunction (or ED as it is popular known) affects more than 30 million men in the US alone. ED or male impotence can be defined as a sexual dysfunction where there is lack of ability to hold or maintain an erection hard enough for successful penetration. If you are experiencing weak or soft erections and your penis cannot get hard enough to penetrate your partner, we can feel your pain. Not only are you frustrated, the partner is probably feeling the same too. But not all is lost because there is help in the form of herbal erection pills.

What are herbal erection pills? These are supplements made of powerful herbal ingredients that are known to able to treat ED and other sexual problems in man. Because they are made of only natural ingredients, such herbal erection pills don’t give you any nasty side effects, unlike ED drugs like Viagra. Natural erection enhancement pills work by nourishing your sexual system, increasing testosterone levels and improving blood flow. This benefits will result in harder and mor sustainable erection on arousal.

As mentioned above, herbal erection pills are not medicine and they don’t give you any bad side effects. This is one big reason why more and more men feel safe taking them as compared to prescription ED drugs. However, they don’t work like Viagra and you cannot expect to get an instant hard-on even though, in time, you will find your erection getting stronger and stronger and it tends to be permanent unless something bad happens to your health.

Most of the best herbal erection pills contain ingredients such as Ginkgo Biloba which is a herb that energizes and kindles the blood circulation to brain. Ginkgo is good for mental alertness, enhanced vitality level, circulatory health and blood vessel health. Ginkgo Biloba can also increases vascular blood flow which will lead to improved erections. This plant extract can improve peripheral circulation, oxygenation, and increases blood flow to the genitals to improve sexual function and the power of an erection.

Another common ingredient found in the best herbal erection pills is Epimedium leaf which is also known by its famous name “Horny Goat Weed”. This ingredient is used to increase erectile function and to allow more blood to flow to the penis. Used for centuries in China, “Horny Goat Weed” is now also used by western doctors to help boost libido, improve erectile function, restore sexual power and increase penile sensation in men.

There are of course other sexually potent herbal ingredients that are used in making herbal erection pills. That is why these pills can give you rock solid erections and even higher sperm and semen volume when you ejaculate. These herbal alternatives are more affordable and they attack the root cause of ED ( a weak sexual system) as compared to ED drugs which simply treat the symptoms.

Although herbal erection pills can help you achieve harder erections, they will be even better if you keep yourself fit and watch what you put in your body. Cut the fat and all that nicotine since all these bad substances can damage or cause blockage in your blood vessels thus slowing down blood flow and resulting in weak erections.

If you need to know which are the best herbal supplements to get, you can always Google for them. But that, in itself, may present another problem – fake info and false reviews. So you really need to do your own due diligence when it comes to finding the brands. Yet that is often too time consuming and tedious. That’s why we have done some detective work and found the best ones for you in our resource box below. Do check it out now.

Get Rock Hard Erections Naturally: Best Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Reviewed


I am sure that every man out there understands how frustrating it is to live with erectile dysfunction (erection problems).

Not only does your wife or girlfriend feel like she does not attract you anymore, but it makes you as a man feel bad as well! After all, who wants to end up being unable to sexually please his lady (be it girlfriend or wife) anymore?

Unfortunately, some men do indeed end up in such situations. If you currently suffer due to impotence or erection problems, I invite you too keep reading to discover the best natural erectile dysfunction treatments!

Eat Healthy and Exercise Regularly

The first natural treatment for male impotence has much to do with your lifestyle. Believe it or not, but your diet and physical activity has more to do with your erection strength as you think!

To be more specific, healthy diet and regular exercising will not only improve your weak erections, but your overall health as well.

Use Penile Traction Device known as Penis Stretcher or Extender

These sophisticated devices are mostly used by men who want to permanently increase their penile length and girth.

However, wearing a traction device does not only help you grow longer and thicker penis, but provides you with many others benefits as well, such as improved ejaculation, improved erection strength and more sexual desire.

If you ask me, high-quality and proven-to-work penis health device is a must have for every (senior) men!

Do Penis Health Exercises

This is another great way to get rock-hard erections naturally. I would advise you to subscribe yourself to one of the proven penis health exercising programs out there as soon as possible.

You will immediately get access to exercising routines that are specifically targeted towards improving the strength of your penis erection.

Do these regularly and you will never have to worry about weak erections again!

Try Erection Improvement Oil

This is perhaps the fastest erectile dysfunction treatment out there. The best erection oils out there work almost instantly.

In this case, and all you need to do is apply it on your penis and wait for rock hard erection to occur.

Sex – 7 Tips For A Harder, Longer Lasting Erection (Read This And Your Woman Will Be Impressed)


A hard, long-lasting erection is something that all men should have.

If you are a healthy man, your erection should be ‘steel’ hard when you are aroused, it should stay that way whilst you are having sex and you should be able to last as long as you want (within reason. No woman wants a man to make love to her for 3 hours, BUT if you can’t last 20 to 30 minutes, you definitely have room for improvement).

Whatever your current situation, if you want a harder, longer lasting erection – here’s how to do it…

7 Tips For A Harder, Longer Lasting Erection

These tips are easy to use, proven to work (on both myself and my clients) and they are all based on improving your health.

Oh, and one more thing – they will also increase your Testosterone levels, meaning you’ll blow a bigger load all over your woman (or inside her). And make no mistake – every emotionally healthy woman loves it when her man BLOWS A BIG LOAD!

1. Do Some Exercise

Three fast paced, non-stop 20 minute walks per week is a minimum. Feel free to do more but don’t you dare do less!

2. Get Hydrated

Drink a minimum of 2 litres water per day. This water must be bottled and not from the tap because tap water is no longer properly clean (do some research on Google if you want proof of this).

3. Eat More Fruits

Try to eat at least two portions of fruit every day and make one portion berries. You can choose from Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries and Blackberries.

Berries are a true ‘love food’, great for the sexual organs and a powerful aphrodisiac. In your quest for a harder, stronger erection, they are a “MUST”.

4. Eat More Vegetables

Look, nobody likes vegetables BUT they are extremely important. Eat a wide variety of these foods, emphasizing the ones that are green and leafy.

Spinach is a great option. Eat it RAW or LIGHTLY STEAMED.

Without a good quantity of vegetables in your diet, you cannot have optimal health and without optimal health – you cannot have an optimal erection. Shoot for at least three portions of vegetables a day

5. Go Organic

We live in a very polluted world and our food is polluted with numerous chemicals. By eating organic you not only reduce the amount of chemicals that you are putting into your body – you also get more vitamins and minerals.

Going organic is a “no-brainer”. If you want a steel hard erection that is guaranteed to impress your woman – EAT ORGANIC.

6. Use Aphrodisiacs (Foods That Get You In The Mood For Sex)

The following foods are aphrodisiacs and I have also found that they work wonders for improving erection quality and testosterone levels.

Try to include at least one of these foods in your diet every day: Almonds, RAW Chocolate, Young Coconut Water (my favourite), Asparagus, Carrots, Maca Powder

7. Choose Your Fats Wisely

Many people think fats are the devil but nothing could be further from the truth. Healthy fats are essential for health.

Try the following: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (with a dash of lemon juice this is the easiest salad dressing in the world), Coconut Oil (a powerful aphrodisiac and testosterone builder), Fish Oil (has a lot of health benefits and is particularly important for brain health)

Many men worry, get frustrated and even depressed if their erection is not as strong as they’d like.

Embarrassing Penis Problems – Dealing With an Unwanted Erection


When the brain signals the penis that it’s time for sex, blood rushes into the erectile tissue, and what was once soft and hidden becomes pronounced and hard to ignore. This is a useful reaction at the right time, but when an erection strikes during a lecture, a church service or an introduction, it can be tremendously embarrassing. Men can be tempted to do some discreet pinching, as a sore penis rarely remains erect for long, but getting harsh can mean doing long-term damage. Thankfully, there are penis care ideas that can lower the pressure without upping the pain.

Using the Mind

Erections may show up as a physical reality, but they begin in the mind. When the brain receives erotic stimulus, such as a touch, an intriguing image, or even a fascinating smell, it reacts by signaling that it’s time for an erection to occur. Convincing the mind that sex isn’t on the menu may be as easy as coming up with a repelling image, such as:

  • Rotting food
  • Deadlines at work
  • Traffic jams
  • Angry spiders

That picture, flashing in the mind, will convince the brain to shut off the blood flow, allowing things to return to a less prominent position.

Utilizing Camouflage

Standing up can make an erection all the easier to spot, as a protruding appendage tends to ruin a guy’s sleek profile. Sitting down can make the problem a little less noticeable, especially if the legs are crossed. A book, laptop or a coat tossed casually over the lap can complete the picture, allowing a guy to hide the evidence until the erection is gone.

Moving the Muscles

A flow of blood to the penis is the underlying physiological reason for the erection, so utilizing blood makes it a little less available for erectile purposes. Flexing the large muscles of the legs may help a bit, but taking a brisk walk utilizes even more blood, and walking sends a message to the brain that sex isn’t about to take place in the near future. Walking briskly also allows a man to speed to the bathroom, where he can get a little privacy until the situation is a bit less acute.

Taking Advantage

The surest way to get rid of an erection is also the most obvious: Engage in a little private playtime. After ejaculation, the brain sends signals that return the equipment back to its standby position. There are a few words of warning worth mentioning, however, as fast and furtive masturbation sessions can lead to chapped and stinging skin. Lubricant, privacy and patience can ensure that a sore penis isn’t part of the post-pleasure picture.

Dressing for Success

Men with frequent erection issues might be tempted to change up the contents of their underwear drawers. It’s a reasonable approach, as tight clothing can keep an erection from protruding from the body at an alarming angle, but clothing like this can also chafe and abrade the skin of the penis. Looser underwear made of breathable, soft fabrics won’t cause the same amount of stimulation, and they’re less likely to lead to a sore penis down the line.